CareNotesOnlineTM provides an efficient way for home healthcare agencies, assisted living facilities, hospice organizations and nursing homes to provide daily information to family members that are geographically separated from their loved ones. By documenting daily activities, home healthcare services meet government and insurance carrier requirements.

The Problem

"Your mom has fallen and broken her hip."  This is the type of phone call we all dread.  Even worse are the phone calls where a parent or loved one has a debilitating disease such as Alzheimer's, COPD, heart problems or diabetes and will need ongoing caregiving, home infusion therapy, visiting nurses or other home care.  Whether the caregiving needs are temporary or more permanent, family members must decide how to meet the needs of their loved one.  Because we live in a mobile society, it is not always possible for family members to personally care for our loved ones.  Families may be geographically separated by thousands of miles. In those cases, we usually hire a professional home healthcare agency to provide the care that we cannot provide on a daily basis.  Once the family decides on a reputable home healthcare agency, it is often hard to communicate with the caregivers because of the difference in work schedules and time zones.  If we place a call at 9 PM Pacific time, it is already midnight on the East Coast.  Trying to find a convenient time to interact and communicate about a loved one's care is difficult and sometimes impossible.  Yet, family members want to keep in touch as often as possible.

The Solution

CareNotesOnlineTM  bridges the communication gap by making a caregiver report available online or by smart phone 24-7.  A client's family can log into the Internet site or QR code on their smart phone and view care notes that include the activities that have been performed such as bathing, shaving, meal preparation, toileting assistance, transportation and dressing. In addition, the home healthcare agency caregivers can include personalized health care notes or caregiving notes to help the family keep in touch with the needs and desires of the client. For example, the caregiver can indicate that the client needs to have an appointment with the dentist because the dentures are fitting loosely or that the client is complaining of frequent headaches. The caregiver can also indicate that the client needs new pajamas or that he enjoyed the latest Harry Potter movie.

Care Notes OnlineTM provides an excellent way for home healthcare agencies to document the services that are provided to clients; these reports can be used for health insurance carriers or referrals to other healthcare providers.  The primary focus of CareNotes OnlineTM  is the creation of daily notes that summarize the care being provided to the client.  CareNotesOnlineTM  also integrates seamlessly with LifeSaverAppTM to create a complete online medical record that can be used for emergency medical situations or for ongoing physician visits.  Because LifeSaverAppTM carries a complete personal health record (PHR), it organizes a client's entire medical history including chronic conditions, medications, allergies, emergency contacts, special needs and insurance coverages.  Should a client wander away from their home or facility, LifeSaverAppTM can also be used to issue a missing person report or Silver Alert. Having all of this information instantly available for medical emergencies or wandering behavior saves lives.


QR Codes

Care Notes OnlineTM  uses QR Codes to deliver daily care notes direct to smart phones, computers or any browser-based device owned by the client's family.  In addition, family members have the option of logging onto a secure website to view the daily notes.   Care Notes OnlineTM offers many options for instant communication from healthcare providers to family members of loved ones.

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