Lifesaver GroupTM - About Us and CareNotesOnline

LifeSaver GroupTM's Founder and CEO is Marilyn Gard who has owned and managed a medical consulting and software company for over 30 years. Marilyn is based in Sedona, Arizona where she also provides strategic vision and guidance to the company on becoming the healthcare records and safety bridge.  She focuses on products that will provide a viable solution to an existing problem in today's society. For example, LifeSaverAppTM provides immediate medical record information in the event of a medical emergency.

Mission:  It is the mission of 
LifeSaver GroupTM to protect the health and safety of individuals and families globally through a suite of products.   The LifeSaver GroupTM of products are unique in that they offer immediate lifesaving information during an emergency situation.   Because the suite of products use QR codes to instantly access reports, they can be used by first responders, law enforcement and emergency room departments.
  1. Online medical records are available through LifeSaverAppTM.   In the event of a medical emergency, a physician can immediately access a complete patient medical record.  Unlike other personal health records that contain information that is inaccessible during an emergency, LifeSaverAppTM immediately closes the communication gap.  A medical report is immediately available containing demographic information, medical conditions, medications, allergies, insurance coverage, special needs, and emergency contacts. When a person is unconscious and cannot speak for themselves, LifeSaverAppTM provides the information instantly.

  2. Daily caregiving notes are available through CareNotesOnlineTM, increasing communication between a home healthcare client and relatives that are geographically separated.  When a loved one enters a home healthcare situation or hospice, it is often difficult to get daily updates and progress notes.CareNotesOnlineTM provides immediate information on the Internet using a standard browser or smart phone. Individuals can track their family member's care on a daily basis, eliminating the need to establish contact via phone.

  3. 911SafeChildTM offers peace of mind against the threat of child abduction or kidnapping and help parents manage the busy schedules of their children.911SafeChildTM gathers data from parents including the child's picture, age and weight, school attendance, friends, medical conditions, allergies, medications and other pertinent information in the event that the child goes missing. Using911SafeChildTM, an immediate Amber or Adam Alert can be issued - saving hours when time is of the essence.

  4. LifeSaverGroupTM offers a similar program for persons with Alzheimer's or dementia. 911SilverAlertTM gathers information about a person's demographics including a picture, age and weight, identifying marks, medical conditions, allergies, medications, a list of friends and their phone numbers and other pertinent information. In the event that a person disappears or goes missing, this program provides the information necessary to issue a Silver Alert for the missing person.

  5. 911DisasterPlanTM identifies vulnerable citizens within a particular community and tracks evacuation in the event of a natural or man-made disaster.911DisasterPlanTM focuses on a specific community with an emergency preparedness protocol.  This software program is in prototype phase.

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