CareNotesOnlineTM provides downloads to further explain its capabilities for healthcare agencies

CareNotesOnline offers immediate information about activities of daily living, medical conditions, caregiver notes and other pertinent healthcare information direct to family members.  Caregivers communicate notes which can be accessed 24-7 on the Internet behind a secure website with encrypted data.

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CareNotesOnlineTM Explanation

This PDF explains in detail the capabilities of CareNotesOnlineTM to create ongoing and daily notes for clients to read over the Internet or on their smart phones. Hospice facilities, nursing homes, assisted living homes and home healthcare agencies can use CareNotesOnlineTM to communicate with their client families.
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CareNotesOnlineTM Brochure

This two-page brochure explains the capability of CareNotesOnlineTM and can be disseminated to hospice agencies, assisted-living homes, nursing home facilities and home healthcare agencies.
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CareNotesOnlineTM Help Manual

This is a PDF help manual for CareNotesOnlineTM for use by home healthcare agencies, hospice, assisted living and nursing home facilities.
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CareNotesOnlineTM Subscription Agreement

To get signed up for CareNotesOnlineTM, fill out the subscription agreement and email it to  CareNotesOnlineTM can be used by home healthcare agencies, hospice, assisted living or nursing home facilities to communicate information about a patient's care to their loved ones who are geographically separated.

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CareNotesOnlineTM Video

To understand the use of CareNotesOnlineTM  for hospice, assisted living, nursing home and home healthcare agencies, this video explains the use of CareNotesOnlineTM  to bridge the communication gap between agencies and the loved ones of clients.


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