CareNotesOnlineTM Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Once I purchase CareNotesOnlineTM, how will the software be set up and how will our agency be trained?

A: Once we receive your subscription agreement form, one of our representatives will be in touch to arrange your agency set up and to schedule training. Training consists of four 30 min. sessions or two 60 min. sessions. After the initial training, you may purchase more training at $50 per hour.  See our Downloads page for the subscription form and pricing.

Q: I am hesitant to put medical and personal data online. I have heard horror stories about hackers grabbing data. How is
CareNotesOnlineTM protecting the data?

A: This is a very good question. We realize the sensitivity of personal and medical data and have made every effort to protect it. First of all, data is encrypted with 256 bit encryption, twice the HIPAA standard for privacy. Second, your data is stored on a secure website. When you are trained, you will be directed to our secure site to enter your data.

Q: How do family members gain access to the client's information?

A: When you have finished entering client information into the system, you can print a client ID card. We suggest that you send a PDF of the client ID card to the client's family. Using the ID card, the clients family can access the caregiving report. This report can either be brought up via a computer or via a smart phone or any browser-based device.
As part of the client ID card printed through
CareNotesOnlineTM , a 2-D barcode created through QR codes will be present on the card. QR code software is available for free from iTunes. Once the client's family has installed the QR reader on a smart phone, they can scan the client ID card and the previous week's worth of caregiving notes will appear. This technology eliminates the need to login manually to pick up the care notes.

Q: How does the QR code work?

A: When your client ID card is printed from
CareNotesOnlineTM, it includes a 2-D barcode created through QR code technology. When this code is scanned by a smart phone carried by a client's family member, the caregiving report is immediately available on the smart phone. To take advantage of this technology, client families only need to have downloaded a free QR code reader from iTunes. The caregiving report will automatically show the previous week's worth of caregiving notes.

Q: What information should I put on the Special Needs tab of LifeSaverAppTM? What is its purpose?

A: The Special Needs tab identifies additional needs that emergency responders such as EMTs or emergency room doctors should be aware of. You may also use this tab for medical alerts because you can enter any special information in the notes fields of the Special Needs tab. LifeSaverAppTM has created this screen to communicate special information to emergency responders. On the report itself, the Special Needs tab information appears at the top so that it is prominently displayed.

Q: Why have you included a photograph and physical description on the demographic page of

CareNotesOnlineTM is part of an overall disaster plan/emergency preparedness program for individuals and families. In the event that a family member should disappear or go missing, CareNotesOnlineTM can make a missing persons report immediately available to law enforcement agencies much like the emergency medical report is available to emergency responders for medical emergencies.

Q: Where are the step by step instructions for using this program?

A: There is a help manual in the download section of this website.

Q: Are you open to suggestions from your users about additions/enhancements to the software program?

A: Absolutely. We want
CareNotesOnlineTM to meet the needs of your agency and the family members of the clients. In the near future, CareNotesOnlineTM will be enhanced to include an incident report. When an unusual incident occurs such as a client wandering away or medical problems such as fainting, agency supervisors and designated family members will be notified by email and/or text message. This enhancement was a suggestion by one of the CareNotesOnlineTM users to expedite reporting of unusual behaviors or problems.

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