CareNotesOnlineTM  presents a video presentation of the services offered by CareNotesOnlineTM  software program. CareNotesOnlineTM  serves as a communication bridge for home healthcare agencies, hospice services, assisted living and hospital facilities. Using CareNotesOnlineTM , caregivers can efficiently and quickly record notes about the services performed in a clients home or facility. These notes are immediately accessible online for the families of clients to keep track of their loved ones.


LifeSaverAppTM is a personal health record (PHR) that stores information about emergency contacts, medical conditions, allergies, medications, insurance coverage, and special needs and makes that information immediately available in the event of a medical emergency. For ongoing healthcare, LifeSaverAppTM organizes a person's medical records and makes them available online.


Combining the capability of CareNotesOnlineTM with LifeSaverAppTM  allows medical and caregiving information to be immediately available to emergency responders, caregivers and healthcare professionals such as primary care physicians, cardiologists, pulmonary specialists, neurologists and any other specialties involved in the patient's care.

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